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Are you a woman who has experienced abuse? Were you a child who lived in a home where abuse was present?

Whether Women’s Place has been part of your journey out of violence or not, we would love to hear your story.

Stories of those who have survived abuse can provide strength and encouragement to women who are dealing domestic violence right now.  Personal accounts also help members of our community to understand why supports for victims of abuse are so critical.

If you choose to share your story, it is up to you whether you wish to identify yourself to our staff, whether you wish to share your story with others and how your story is shared. It is YOUR story. So it is your choice.

You can share your story by using the form below or by reaching out to our Development Director, Amanda Braet at 905-356-3933 ext. 240 or amanda@wpsn.ca.

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Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Please let us know if we have permission to share you story with people who are interested in the work of our shelters:

 I permit Women's Place to share my story (e.g., in donor communications, on the Women's Place social media sites/website, in speeches etc.) I do not permit Women's Place to share my story

Please note that we may edit stories due to space limitations or to improve readability (e.g., punctuation and grammar).

If we have your permission to share your story, how would you like to be identified?

 Use both my first and last name - Please ensure that it is safe for you to do so if you choose this option Use only my first name Do not use my name - Women's Place will usually choose another name if you choose this option instead of identifying you as anonymous

Would it be okay if a staff member from Women's Place reached out to you?

 Yes (If you check yes, please make sure to provide a phone number or email address above) No

Is there anything else you would like Women's Place to know about you or your story? (e.g.., Do you have any specific restrictions for how your story should be shared?)

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