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Community Partnerships


Niagara Woman Abuse Screening Project

The Niagara Woman Abuse Screening Project is helping workers in various sectors to understand the interrelationship of woman abuse, sexual assault, trauma, mental health, addiction and child protection. Their screening tool helps service providers to build connections across sectors to ensure that women receive the supports they need, and assists workers to understand how to respond to disclosures.  You can download the tool here:

Niagara Region Screening Tool

For in-agency training, contact Jennifer De Angelis at  905-356-3933 ext. 224


Partners to End Child Abuse Niagara

Partners to End Child Abuse in Niagara is a group of local agencies that want to make it easier for people to find help in addressing potential or actual instances of child abuse. Their website provides a convenient hub for finding and connecting with programs and service providers in the Niagara area.

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